Hello! I’m an educational therapist, trained to teach dyslexic kids. I enjoy what I do, but the best part is that my job’s given me the opportunity to meld my occupation with one of my favourite pastimes – gaming.

The blog’s looking bare-bones at the moment, but I’ll (try to conscientiously) put up more posts over the next few weeks, as well as some visuals. The aim of this blog is to encourage educators out there, be they schoolteachers or parents, to facilitate learning through play – play in any form, including video games, tabletop gaming, and anything that comes within the scope of said word.

Sword & Stationery’s relevance will always gravitate towards education and games, but I also intend to diversify the content published with a variety of sub-topics. I also promise not to bore anyone with random musings! 😀

Finally, just as a disclaimer, nothing posted here is backed by scholarly literature in any way, unless specified so. I don’t even claim to be an expert in the field of educational therapy either. This blog is meant to be a conduit to share my thoughts and experiences with others with similar areas of interest, or with one who’s on the train and feeling bored.

Thanks for reading!



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