[☕MRE] Midweek REsources: Basic Phonograms — Picture Matching

Basic Phonograms

For younger students with dyslexia just starting out under my programme, one of the first few things I teach is basic phonograms. If you’d like to get your child started on phonics, give the following activity a try:

  1. Download these two worksheets and print them out:
    Picture sheet | Answer sheet
  2. Cut out the Picture sheets into individual squares. Mix them up.
  3. Get your child to stick the pictures on to the Answer sheet, matching each picture by the first letter of its name to the same letter in the Answer sheet (so the picture of the ‘kite’ goes to ‘k’, while the ‘queen’ goes to ‘qu’).
    NOTE: the only exception is the picture of the ‘box’, which should go to the letter ‘x’.
  4. Now, ask your child to produce the first sound of each picture’s name. He/she should be able to do so quite easily.

And there you have it! Basic phonics in a nutshell 🙂

Credits for all images and fonts go to their respective authors/illustrators.

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