[☕MRE] Midweek REsources: Cards for Basic Phonograms (a-to-z)

We’ve got 26 single-letter phonogram (including ‘qu’) cards ready to be printed out. You can use these as flash cards to help your child internalise the phonograms. These cards include pictures with which you can use to prompt your child should he/she forget the respective sound.

Phonics is relatively simple to teach once you know the sounds of single-letter phonograms. They’re especially useful if you want to train dyslexic kids to blend phonetically regular words. Before using these, however, you might want to check with your child’s educational therapist (or feel free to contact me) for clarification on sounds that you’re unsure of.

Download the cards here: Cards (Basic Phonograms)

Note: before printing the cards, ensure that you have Scaling turned off in your printer settings. The final printout should be large enough for laminating with A6 pouches, if that’s what you prefer. These cards also do not contain pictures that match long vowel sounds. Cards with pictures for long vowel sounds will be uploaded separately at a later date.

DISCLAIMER: I take no credit for the font (KG Primary Penmanship 2) and images used. These belong to their respective authors. If you are the author of a particular image and would like to have it removed, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Looking for more flash cards? Check out Rules ‘n’ More Phonograms (L2)!


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