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What is educational therapy?

Educational therapy is a remediation process to help students with specific learning difficulties improve academically, as well as grow socially, emotionally and intellectually. A therapy session is typically planned out and executed based on the strengths and weaknesses of the learner, taking into consideration his or her needs. There is at least one learning objective behind every therapy session; oftentimes this includes helping the learner to make progress towards overcoming a particular learning difficulty.

You may want to visit the Association of Educational Therapists’ website for more information on educational therapy as a practice.

How is Swords & Stationery different from other tuition services?

Every educational service provider has its unique selling points, and we respect the work and passion of our fellow educators. Rather than make sweeping assumptions about what other providers lack, we will describe the most important aspects of our service, and you can be the judge of whether it sets us apart:

  1. We’re an educational therapy/consultancy service, not a tuition service. Our lesson plans are tailored to meet our learners’ needs by identifying and working on their weaknesses, as well as by working in close partnership with caregivers. As such, lessons are very much focused on skills and concepts first, before moving on to the stages of practice and revision. Furthermore, while we do see the merit of academics as a benchmark (and we do take pride when our learners see an improvement in their results after applying our techniques), we also place great emphasis on our learners’ self-motivation, behaviour and meta-cognition (i.e. the ability to critically think and reflect), which are crucial to their learning ability. Our resources and materials are specifically made to help our learners grow in these areas; lessons often have visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic elements to keep students engaged.
  2. We use actual games to teach and engage our learners, from Role-Playing Games such as Dungeons & Dragons (to teach narrative writing), to tabletop games such as The Resistance (to teach oracy skills) and Codenames (to teach vocabulary and figurative language). We have also developed games of our own using gaming aids like Rory’s Story Cubes–which our learners absolutely love playing around with. Our lessons are anything but boring, and we’re frequently asked for extra classes simply because we make learning so much fun.
  3. Games aside, our resources and curriculum are developed in-house, with the latter being supported by existing research literature. Our techniques are built off concepts like the Process-Genre Approach (for writing) and Dr. Isabelle Shanti Benjamin’s Question Interpretation Approach (for reading comprehension), to name a few.
  4. We welcome caregivers to sit in for classes (only for 1-to-1 therapy sessions), for up to four lessons. We believe that learning is more effective when the child is well-supported at home too.
  5. We provide a free diagnostic assessment service prior to the first lesson. This assessment tests the learner’s literacy, writing and reading comprehension skills, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Is Swords & Stationery effective? Are results guaranteed?

Specific results (e.g. getting an ‘A’ or ‘A*’) are not guaranteed as this is contingent on various factors, such as the child’s effort and innate ability. However, what I can guarantee is progress. 100% of my students have benefited from the programme thus far in different ways, some socially and emotionally, most academically.

In 2017, a survey was done with ex-students and parents to gather feedback on the Swords & Stationery approach. The response we received was overwhelmingly positive.

Click here to view students’ feedback
Click here to view parents’ feedback

Note: The above documents are presented as snapshots of collective data from the aforementioned surveys conducted, and therefore do not disclose any personal information of our clients.

You may also visit our Testimonials page to see what our students think of the Swords & Stationery approach.

What is the blog all about?

Swords & Stationery started off as a blog that discussed games and education, sometimes combining both. The blog is still updated on a fortnightly basis. Posts are typically published on a Sunday or Monday.

For better organisation, the posts are sorted by the following tags in their titles:
[⚔Swords⚔] – The post relates to games (tabletop or otherwise)
[✐Stationery✐] – The post relates to education
[☕MRE] – Mid-week Resources, where I put up resources for either gamers or educators
[👁RFI👁] – Roll For Insight, where I cover and share my thoughts on games (i.e. reviews and previews)