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1. Overview

The term ‘client’ may refer to either the learner or their parents/guardians, or both if ‘clients’. It is expected of our clients to accept and trust us in the following:

  • We value our relationship with clients as that of a partnership;
  • Swords & Stationery is NOT a tutoring serviceit is a set of therapy services;
  • The Swords & Stationery approach is catered to learners with AND without Specific Learning Difficulties;
  • Therapy sessions are always planned and conducted with the aim of helping our learners improve academically, emotionally, socially and/or mentally;
  • Any professional decision or opinion by our therapists (so explicitly expressed), whether verbal or in writing, is in the best interests of the learner;
  • Results from our therapy services are not guaranteed in any form, as they are dependent on the learner’s aptitude and attitude;
  • We have the right to cease therapy services for the learner at our discretion;
  • All decisions made with regard to the conducting of therapy services are at our discretion.

2. Payment

  • Therapy fees can be paid by the session, by every four sessions, or by the month (up to the last lesson of the month);
  • If paying by the session, fees must be paid before the start of the session, failing which, the therapist has the right to reject therapy services to the client;
  • If paying by every four sessions or by the month, fees must be paid before the start of the first session for that window, failing which, the therapist has the right to reject therapy services to the client;
  • All fees are to be paid in cash, in cheque, or via Internet Banking;
  • There will be no refunds under any circumstances.

3. Class Schedule

  • Attendance of the student is compulsory once a class has been scheduled;
  • Classes can be rescheduled once a month, provided the therapist is notified at least five working days in advance;
  • In the event of last minute circumstances on the client’s end (such as a family emergency or an illness), replacement classes will be provided if verifiable documentation, such as medical certificates, can be produced;
  • A replacement class will be provided if the therapist is unable to conduct the scheduled class;
  • The therapist has the final say on class schedule arrangements.

4. Classroom Management

  • The parent or guardian will trust the therapist to reinforce discipline in class, in a way that will best benefit the child’s learning;
  • At the therapist’s discretion, up to one parent or guardian of the learner may be allowed to sit in during a 1-to-1 session, up to a maximum of four sessions;
  • The therapist has the right to cease therapy services should the learner pose an immediate danger to themselves and to others around them.

5. Lessons

  • All sessions are conducted with at least one learning objective in mind;
  • Various non-mainstream teaching tools, such as tabletop games, may be used during the therapy session, depending on the learner’s needs;
  • We aim to implement the best possible therapy programme for our learners that can satisfy their short-term and long-term learning needs, but results may not be immediately visible, nor are they guaranteed.

6. Communication

  • Our therapists will work closely with the learner’s parent or guardian by providing regular updates on the learner’s progress;
  • For older learners, our therapists may liaise directly with them;
  • Updates may be provided through reports, e-mails and/or text messages.

7. Diagnostic Assessment

  • The Swords & Stationery educational therapy diagnostic assessment is conducted free of charge, out of goodwill, and potential clients are under no obligation to apply for our educational therapy programme post-assessment;
  • The therapist may stop the diagnostic assessment midway, depending on the child’s ability and temperament then.

8. Privacy

  • Our therapists may request to review any psychological and school reports that the child may have, in order to better help them;
  • In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), all information provided to us is strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

Last updated on 5/7/2017